Our Policy

Rush Internet Lounge Policy
The Internet gives us access to information from around the world and it also provides valuable resources and even information from unreliable sources. Since the Internet is diverse in subject, you may come across content that is controversial or offensive.

Policy for all users
All internet users are subject to federal, provincial, and municipal laws regulating Internet use, including provisions of the criminal code regarding obscenity, child pornography, terrorist activities, threatening messages, and motivating actions to hate.
The use of RUSH' computer services for illegal purposes is prohibited, and may result in prosecution.

Privacy/Security policy
Please make sure you close your browsers when you are finished.
All RUSH computers are equipped with a program that will not permanently keep any data that you have saved on our computers.
Once the computer restarts all data will be deleted and everything on the computer will go back its original settings but not every time.
It is important for all customers to save their work frequently to a USB Memory or CD.

Rush Disclaimer
Rush Internet Lounge is not responsible for the actions or activities conducted by customers using our computers, under any circumstances.
Please logout from any site and delete your contents from RUSH' computer when you finished work.