Rush Internet Lounge(RIL) provides all the usual facilities for gaming, special Mouse, Shocks Joystick, Headset and we have installed lot of famous On-line game program for gamer.
You will be able to play some of the best and latest on-line games from the comfort of our lounge.
The best thing about gaming is the social aspect, playing games with your mates or making new mates whilst playing games its all about the interaction with other people.
There are more than enough computers available for large group visits.
Group discount rates may vary.

    Here's what's available:
  • Modern Warfare 3, Battle field 3, Medal of Honor, Call of duty, Star Craft II, War Craft III, World of Warcraft, Lef 4 Dead, Sudden Attack
  • All the latest STEAM games including CS Source, DOD, HL2, Team Fortress 2 etc
  • Role playing essentials such as World of Warcraft, Eve etc
  • Kart Rider, Maple Story,
    Room Hire :
  • Our facilities are also available for hire, including 2 large rooms with full PC compliment, Internet access and other equipment.